Insurance Billing

Innovative R P Inc. has contracted in-network status with 95% of all insurance contracts in the Greater Houston area and the majority of Nationwide insurance carriers including Medicare, Medicaid, and Work Comp. Innovative R P Inc will bill these insurances on the patient’s behalf, so most devices are covered at no or little cost to the patient.

Our insurance billing services at a glance

  • The patient’s insurance will be verified to check your benefits for the device. (We are in-network the majority of Insurance carriers, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Work Comp)
  • If covered by your insurance, Innovative R P Inc or our Contracted Partner will bill your insurance on your behalf. Most insurances cover the devices with no or little out of pocket cost.
  • If your insurance does not cover your device for some reason, a discounted self-pay cost can be used for the purchase of said device.
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