DDS 500

DDS 500

DDS 500 Belt

Disc Disease Solutions 500 is a unique, patented air traction belt. The device is thin and lightweight with inflatable, detachable panels that provide spinal decompression to relieve pain while allowing a high degree of mobility.

The DDS 500 can be worn discreetly under clothing to let you perform daily activities such as driving, walking and standing for long periods of time or to enjoy pain-free leisure activities.

Used pre- and post-surgery, the DDS 500 provides the stability of a stiff body jacket. As recovery progresses, the detachable rigid panels may be removed for semi-rigid or soft support.

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DDS 500 Sizing Chart
Size Torso Measurement* Panel Size
Small 26-28 inches S
Medium 29-32 inches M
Large 33-35 inches M
XL 36-38 inches M
2XL 39-41 inches L
3XL 42-44 inches L
4XL 45-48 inches XL
5XL 48-51 inches XL

*Measurement around navel
*Extension piece available for larger sizes

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